coffin in a box

full-fledged DIY eco-coffin in a box!

Unique, contemporary, eco-friendly wood and affordable.

Ordering a coffin online, getting it delivered at your door the next working day ready to assemble by a single person. Including soft cotton lining and easy to put together without using your own tools.

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Assembling the CHISTANN DIY coffin is as easy as putting together a simple cupboard from the renowned Swedish furniture store (see video).

A CHISTANN coffin kit is supplied including screws, 6 grips and a natural cotton lining set. The only thing you have to arrange yourself is the stuffing for the pillow case.

A full-fledged flat-pack coffin, contemporary design and with common dimensions and made of wood (not cardboard). Suitable for cremation or burial. Developed and produced by the Coffin in a Box Company in the Netherlands

Due to the clever Z-design the 2 meter tall coffin can be flat-packed in a short box which can be shipped using regular parcel services. The two sides, lid and bottom segments have a proprietary Z-connection which gives the sturdiness and adds to the contemporary unique character of CHISTANN gallery >

order online and save significantly

Arranging a part of a funeral by the family is becoming more and more acceptable and is recognised as a trend in countries like the Netherlands. Buying your own coffin online is an easy first step.

The DIY coffin kit is flat-packed in a custom parcel box. Made of light weight plywood and including 6 design grips and natural unbleached cotton lining.

Ordering a CHISTANN coffin online and select the desired parcel service for delivery to your address.

Saving on funeral expenses and reducing impact on the environment!

From €359 incl. VAT & shipping within EU

(€349 ex Tax & Duties, incl. UPS shipping to USA and Canada)

delivered to your door as a parcel in 2 or 3 working days

After ordering a CHISTANN, the coffin kit will be delivered to your door the next working day (the Netherlands) using a regular parcel service. Or with a courier service for an additional fee if required more urgently.

Flat-packed in a compact box weighing less than 30kg, light weight, but still a full-fledged, sturdy and safe coffin (tested up to 250kg).

Contributing to our environment by reducing the carbon footprint as the CHISTANN coffin takes up to 80% less space during transportation than the average coffin.

a sturdy coffin assembled in 20 minutes



The CHISTANN coffin is designed to enable a single person to assemble the kit in 20 minutes, ready for use.

No tools required and as easy as a simple ‘IKEA cupboard’.

Despite the compact box size the assembled coffin will have a length of almost 2 meters and is sturdy enough to hold safely a person weighing up to 120kg.

We have tested the coffin with a load up to 200 kilo.

Putting the coffin for a loved one togehter with family and friends adds to the personal character of the funeral ceremony.

Decorating the coffin together gives the send-off an extra personal touch.


A eco-friendly coffin made of sustainable materials. The wooden handles are even made of waste material. The coffin lining is made of soft natural unbleached cotton.

The carbon footprint is significantly smaller as it takes up to 80% less space during transportation than a normal coffin.

full-fledged coffin

A strong construction holds up to 120kg. With regular dimensions, internal length 195cm, height 40cm and a shoulder width of 56cm.

The CHISTANN has a sleek tapered shape making it a contemporary stylish coffin.

cremation or burial

A CHISTANN casket is designed for cremation as well a burial, even on natural burial grounds’.

Only natural materials have been used such as sustainable plywood and unbleached cotton.